Senior Living

"One is never too young or too old for the knowledge of happiness. At any age it is good to be concerned with the wellbeing of our soul'.
- Epicuro

Hotel delle Civette – Senior Living CHOICE.

It is chosen to achieve well-being.

Well-being that is expressed not only in terms of protection and safety but also in the care, promotion, and development of personal and relational resources.

Resources that can arise thanks to the network of relationships that will develop inside and around the structure (think of the fruitful contamination that can be initiated with other guests of La Residenza, with families, and with the local community), thanks also to a series of projects – personal or group – that the guests themselves can contribute to conceive and manage firsthand, in a participatory manner.

All of this is essential so that the more mature season of the personal journey is experienced within Senior Living as a time of life, of full and real life. Where each person can continue to experience themselves as the protagonist of their own path of openness, exploration, and evolution, of self-knowledge, of others, and of the world. A conscious bearer of resources and not a passive subject destined only to find a place to stop, however comfortable.

The Owl Hotel – Senior Living is a solution designed for independent seniors or those with minor vulnerabilities.

Seniors eager to live in a reserved, protected, and stimulating hotel-like environment.


We believe it is important to invest in the autonomy of Senior Living guests. First and foremost, by ensuring that they perceive the facility as their home, rather than a predetermined container to adapt to. This perspective extends to the arrangement of spaces, especially personal ones, recognizing individuals’ ability – indeed, their right – to make these environments personal expressions of their uniqueness, personal history, tastes, and interests. Investing in personalization means focusing on services that are designed or modified based on the individual, not the other way around. It involves the possibility of welcoming family and friends in dedicated spaces and managing time independently. It means maximizing people’s ability to self-manage, maintaining and enriching personal relationships, connections with the community, and not only receiving but also contributing to the well-being of both the community within the home and the one that inhabits the surrounding area.


The theme of health is closely connected to that of care. However, it is essential to have a comprehensive view of the concept of health and, therefore, of care, looking at all dimensions that determine people’s perception of well-being. Well-being should not be misunderstood as simply feeling good, but also as the ability to thrive through the experience of limits and fragility. Therefore, attention to the care of the body is crucial in this phase of life, requiring around-the-clock healthcare, spaces, and equipment for physical activities (exercise, yoga, pilates), and focus on nutrition (not only in terms of food variety or personalized nutritional plans but also in terms of the quality and sustainability of raw materials: promoting natural products, local sourcing, organic, etc.). Care for health will also translate into attention to the psychological dimension, understood as support for personal well-being, accompaniment, and listening in moments of fatigue, as well as the promotion of the quality of relationships and the social dimension and a sense of community within the Hotel delle Civette (attention to kindness, listening, and a sense of solidarity) and around it (relationship with the territorial network of services, institutions, and associations). In other words, people’s health is also nourished by feeling fully integrated into a network where there is giving and receiving, not feeling alone, having an active role, and being recognized as carriers of resources. Promoting this dimension could be the contribution of a community psychologist. These forms of attention respond to a concept of care as prevention, not just as a remedy for illness. Above all, they stem from the logic dear to health psychology, which sees health not only as the absence of illness but as the full development and well-being of the physical, mental, and social dimensions, as defined by the WHO. Last but not least, adequate attention should be given to the spiritual dimension, understood as the personal space within which individuals access the meaning of their existence and life journey. All of this does not necessarily coincide with adherence to explicit forms of religion, for example, and should be accompanied with the utmost respect and openness to each person’s experiences and orientations.


To conclude, special attention deserves the theme of beauty. Choosing to place the theme of beauty at the center of one’s design vision, as the focal point from which every design choice takes shape and measure, means giving life to something that does not aim solely at satisfying a series of needs, however essential; but aspires to offer people something that corresponds instead to the realm of desire, meaning, and the full recognition of oneself in what one experiences. The dimension of beauty passes above all through the quality of the environment in which one lives. And through the attention paid to people and relationships within the home. So that an atmosphere, a way of being, of staying, and of being together can be breathed!

The Hotel delle Civette is not a nursing home; it is a place of life.

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